Tuesday, 17 January 2012


No I'm not talking about the TV show. What is a friend? Today we live in a global community. Whether it be through blogging, video games, sports, hobbies, whatever your taste; you're probably connecting with individuals who you couldn't otherwise connect with in the past. Typically a friend would be someone in your local community who you met and share similar interests with. However, now those similar interests can be shared globally. Does this mean that someone who lives beyond reach is a friend? Or perhaps a physical presence is all that qualifies for friendship status.

Personally I think you can have a friend whom you've never met. Intimacy is not a requirement of friendship like it is of a romantic relationship. I don't have to hold hands with a fellow video gamer in Australia to enjoy playing video games with them (Although that might spice it up). So then if intimacy is not a requirement, why not call that person a friend? It seems silly to me that others scoff at the idea of being friends with someone you've never met, but unless they can think of a certain qualification for a friend that requires their presence, then they are exactly that; a friend.

To me a friend is someone who has your best interest in mind, they will support you, or not, depending on how they foresee the consequences of your actions. They are often enjoyable to be around, and are similar to you in at least a few ways. They will defend you when you need it, and be honest when you need it. That's it. Nowhere in there do I see physical presence as a requirement.

Tell me your thoughts.


  1. intelligent, witty , funny, and kind while remaining alpha is there anything you aren't good at... i wish i was you

  2. I don't even use Facebook anymore. I think the idea of communicating with friends over the internet is strange. I will just call them up and arrange whatnot.

  3. Your description of a "friend" is hard to find these days. People are more open to others but also wary of some.

    To be honest, I see anyone as a friend. I could talk to anyone if I want to and I wouldn't care less, people are just too busy making sure that they don't do anything that would make them seem lesser infront of other people.

  4. I make a very fine line between an acquaintance and a friend.

  5. Friends are a dime a dozen, real friends are priceless and hard to come by.

  6. Friend is being used today to loosely to describe anyone. Some randoms online or over Xbox are not friends. Just friendly people you know and enjoy an activity with. To be a friend I would have to know the person on a more personal level. And dont get me started on best friends.

    Your better if mining for gold in your bathtub. Best friends are just rare as hell.

    Anyway followed. Great posts

  7. I agree with you. Great post.