Monday, 23 January 2012


I thought I'd start the week off with a nice and fluffy topic. Rape. Isn't it weird how most of the topics have long terms that don't quite roll off the tongue; Abortion, Euthanasia, Capital Punishment, RAPE. It just feels right.

The word I mean.... you sick b*stard.

I was in a discussion today involving this very topic. The situation that was proposed; a very obviously intoxicated girl goes into a bedroom at a party, and a guy follows her in. You aren't sure if the guy is drunk; what do you do?

Now undoubtedly the only ones that said they would go in were females; about half of them. However I doubt they would have done that unless it was actually a friend. The rest said they wouldn't. Why? It's very simple; you don't have reason to enter the room, they have a right to privacy, the two could be in a relationship, they could be going in there to do drugs, or he might be intoxicated too and they're just making a mistake. Regardless it isn't your problem. If she starts screaming for help or something, then you have reason for quite obvious reasons.

My bigger problem is this; I don't want to blame women for being raped, nor should anyone. However if you go to a party dressed provocatively, spend the night flirting with a guy, don't have accountable or any friends, and you get smashed; you're asking for it. That doesn't mean you deserve it, and it doesn't mean that he has the right to take advantage of you. It just means that you put yourself into a situation to allow it. Just like it's not a good idea for me to walk into gang territory with opposing colours; however I should still have the right to walk wherever I want, I don't have that right. Reality is different from idealism. In an idealistic world, a man would never take advantage of a woman, never hit a woman, and never rape a woman. Nor would a woman ever hit a man, poison a man, or emotionally abuse a man. However all of these things happen.

Being naive of a situation doesn't garner my sympathy. When a girl goes home with a guy after getting really drunk and he "rapes" her, I don't accept what she says as evidence, and nor does a court. It would be too easy then for girls to use it as an excuse (which they do often now.) I mean guys make mistakes and go back home with girls who they wouldn't be attracted to while sober, but they don't cry rape like women have the ability to.

Finally, the bigger problem is the fact that if a man and a woman are both intoxicated and she's too intoxicated to give consent, then it still counts as rape on the count of the man. My criminal justice professor failed to bring this up (thanks for confirming your bias.) How in the f*cking world is that fair? It perfectly outlines the fact that if a woman is drunk, men have to be the responsible ones, even if we're drunk too. If women don't want to be put on a pedestal, then don't f*cking allow laws that support the notion. When I challenged her on the law she just said; law isn't always even. Yeah, unless it's good for men, then law is evil and misogynistic.  

F*ck you.


  1. Fully agree. I was at Target once and this girl had giant tits and a super low cut tank top that said "slut" on it. I looked at her shirt and popping cleavage and she gave me a dirty look and said to me "show respect"

    I laughed and left.

  2. "The law isn't always even" !? Holy fk that made me rage.

  3. Double standards are stupid but the more people bring them up, maybe one day they'll get acknowledged.

    I think an example by Chapelle comes to mind. If I was wearing a police officer uniform and you approached me I would tell you "Sorry, I am not a police officer, I am merely in the uniform of one". Same thing with women, you may not be a slut, but you are wearing the uniform of one so that's why we will think you are a slut.

  4. I have to agree with you, mate.

  5. It's not rape if they're dead.