Wednesday, 28 December 2011

I'm back: Christmas & Nonsense

Alright, out of the exam and winter abyss I’m back. I don’t really have anything prepared, so I thought I’d just share how my Christmas went. Christmas was great, although it hasn’t always been in years past. Everyone has their own dynamic with Christmas or any holiday for that matter in this time of season. I myself am an Atheist, but Christmas is Pagan anyways so who are we kidding?

The best thing about Christmas is spending time with family. The worst part is spending time with family. They’re not mutually exclusive. Everyone has at least usually one person in their family they relate to and enjoy spending time with (if you don’t, don’t QQ to me in the comments) for me it’s my brother and sister. However being all warm and heartfelt isn’t me, so instead I’ll talk about the weird moments of Christmas, or just all around crazy ones. Remember that time when your sister brought over a drunk obnoxious friend who lit fireworks inside a closed porch and it bounced off three walls and still missed four people? I do, and if I didn’t it would be because I’m dead. Or when a rogue firework goes off in the wrong direction and you realized that had it gone off in the same direction as you then you’d be suffering third degree burns? I’m noticing a trend with fireworks.

What about weird uncles? I’ve got one, but he doesn’t show up. You know the really racist uncle that thinks people who drive vans go together in herds? (I will say there’s some truth to that.) How about cousins with self-entitlement because their daddies make good money?

Anyways, I’ll start posting regularly again soon here, tell me your wacky Christmas stories in the comments.


  1. Everyone's Xmas are so different, I like to read about other people's holidays stories.

  2. ^^^ Yeah, for sure. Getting to hang with my family is definitely the best part of mine.