Monday, 5 December 2011

Nice Guys

(links NSFW)
Recently I was involved in a gigantic discussion about "nice" guys. The post was an image that looked something like this. Or at least that’s all it reminded me of. Yes, it is true that there is a thing known as the “friend zone” and I’m sure many of my fellow males have fallen victim to it at least once in their lives. So-called “nice” guys tend to fall in it more often. However does this really have anything to do with being Nice, or does it have something to do with being awesome. If you’re going to cry about why girls always fall for the “assh*les” then you’re likely not attempting to pick up the right kind of woman; an intelligent one.

Perhaps intelligence and maturity should share responsibility in this post, when I say one, I really mean either of them. Females between the ages of 16-24 are much more concerned with social standing than they are with finding the “perfect” boy, and males between the ages of 16-24 are much more concerned with getting laid. This means that if you have social standing, or at least seem like you do, it’s much easier to get laid. This attraction is created by not giving a f*ck. Any alpha will tell you that if you’re preoccupied or worried about what the girl is thinking, you’re doing it wrong. That means creating a perception that you are above her in social standing, which means that she will want you more. You cannot do this by being a “nice” (pansy) guy.
Before any females make a comment talking about how you’re nothing like the above, that’s because it’s working. You don’t think about hooking up with the alpha because he’s presenting as a higher social standing, you just do it because confidence is sexy.

There will be women who see through the alpha bullshit however. If you’re presenting as confident, but you’re still a blundering idiot the intelligent ones will figure it out, and move on. These are the intelligent ones I mentioned earlier. However, confidence is never “unsexy” so take it as a life lesson, if you’re a “nice” guy; you’re really just not forward enough. You don’t take charge of situations, you present as rather clumsy or aloof. You may not be aware of social situations, you’re too sensitive, and you’re too caring. All of these qualities can be good in small amounts, just not when it becomes too much. You’ll know it becomes too much when you think you’re being nice. If you’ve been called a nice guy and you think of doing something nice for a girl, don’t do it. It’s probably too nice. That sounds rather ridiculous, but at this age it’s true. Women tend to put anything under a magnifying glass. If something meets your “nice standards” then it’ll blow hers out of the water. Also, if something meets your “mean standards” (otherwise known as being an ass) then it’ll blow hers out of the water.
I’m no player, I don’t pretend like I even use alpha tactics. In fact, usually I don’t. I don’t go out of my way to appear confident, or not give a shit. Then again, I’m not overly concerned with getting laid. If you’re one of those guys who are dependent on sex and women however, and you’re being called a “nice” guy. Don’t whine. You’re just re-affirming the fact that you aren’t confident and you aren’t sexy. Also don’t complain to prospect girls about other girls. Don’t complain about anything. You’re in control, you’ve got life by the balls, and in return they’ll want yours.

Oh, and if you’re really inept, there is a great YouTube channel called SimplePickup. It’s great for the lulz, and they go over the stuff I just stated, and then some.


  1. If you think you're a Nice Guy, chances are you're not actually a particularly nice guy. You're probably an ass who thinks being friends with a woman is a bad thing, and women who dump/friendzone you by telling you you're a Nice Guy are trying to avoid telling you you're an ass.

    It's pretty simple.

    If you want a relationship, look for the smart chicks, and don't get pissed when they friendzone you. They don't owe you sex or love just because you have a penis and are nice. Thinking that they do is a Not Nice thing to do.

    If you want a fuck, go to a goddamn club and ask someone to fuck you.

  2. That won't work either. Asking a girl to fuck you is asking for VD. If you want a quality girl you have to make her want you, and you can only do that by appearing like you could care less.

  3. There are these lovely things we have in the modern age called condoms and STD tests. ;P

    Chances are a quality girl isn't going to be stupid enough to fall for your little tricks and lies, unless you and I have massively different ideas on quality. If you want someone to care about you, the first step is to care about them.

  4. First of all condoms do not work 100% of the time for STI's. It's unfortunate, but true.

    Secondly, it's not tricks and lies. You don't have to lie to her to be alpha, you may have to lie to yourself, however.

    If you don't believe that quality women can sleep with men of lower quality, then you may need to meet more people. I'm not putting you down but plenty of gorgeous intelligent women have hooked up with average looking assholes. If you don't believe me;

    Ask the women. :)